About Us


Welcome to our new blog – A Perfect Mesh!  To those who know us personally, you understand how we got here.  For those who don’t – let’s give you the Cliff’s Notes (shhhhh….these were also used a lot in High School).  We met briefly about six years ago through Holly’s brother.  A few years went by of being acquaintances, until we decided to go out on a double date to a new restaurant, Mesh.  I think we both were a little hesitant because, even though we lived about a mile away, we decided to drive separately to the restaurant an hour away.  Needless to say we hit it off and continued experiencing new restaurants together for months.

Fast forward a few years and we have become the best of friends.  While seven years separate our age (Robin being older), we appreciate the same things in life.  We both love fashion and trying new trends, employing our husbands with an unlimited amount of DIY projects, and creating experiences that we’ll never forget (ahem…Vegas).

Thank you for joining this ride with us as we give you a peek into our lives with Fashion, DIY, and Interior Design.  We plan on bringing you amazing content that can influence your lives by beautifying yourself and your home.  Follow us on our social media accounts to see even more of our lives and what goes into our blog!