Another Stitch Fix Fail – Was it My Fault?

I’m back today with another Stitch Fix outfit!  I’d say I average about one Stitch Fix box about every two months, and generally I’ve been happy, but this time for me was a big flop.  And I think I have to take the blame for this one, guys.

Since I get this service quite frequently, I know what it takes to get what I want (for the most part).  You can read up on my tips I posted HERE if you need a refresher.  This time around I simply asked for a full outfit.  That’s it.  No details, no specifics of what type of outfit or what it’s purpose would be.  I am one that ALWAYS puts a ton of details in the note to my stylist.  I put exactly what type of clothing items I’m looking for, what event I’d like to wear them to, and styles I’ve been eyeing.  I don’t know what I was thinking this time around.  Lazy?  Yes, I think that’s the magic word.  Second mistake, I haven’t updated my linked Pinterest board in MONTHS.  Something I thought I liked six months ago doesn’t really apply today, for the most part, and I should really give that a good update prior to ordering a new box to avoid possible mistakes.

So when I peeked at what was coming in my box (yes, you can peek online and I’ll give you the secret if you need it), I instantly knew I wouldn’t keep anything.  The first problem, there wasn’t one cohesive look inside this box.  It was a hodgepodge of items that couldn’t ALL be paired together, which was my main ask.  I knew the items they sent I either had in my wardrobe something similar, or wasn’t interested in the style whatsoever.  So I was not excited.

When the box came, it was more of the same disappointment.  What was in the box?

  1. There was an intensely distressed sweater in which the style of the sweater wasn’t appealing to me. waaaay too many rips.
  2. A gray leopard print sweatshirt in the box that I couldn’t wear with the embroidered leather jacket they sent, and the material of the sweatshirt was low quality.
  3. An embroidered leather jacket that was cute, but I feel like EVERYONE bought a similar one during the Nordstrom anniversary sale so I didn’t want to add to the over saturation of the trend.
  4. Just Black jeans that actually fit great – however, they were lower rise and with my body type I really prefer a higher rise.  They were also a tad on the cropped side, and not in a flattering way as they made my ankles look a little larger than I’d like.
  5. Brown booties, which were just okay.  They were super comfortable, but do you see how the cut of the front just makes my leg appear a little out of proportion?  I already have a pair of booties in this color in my current collection, so this wasn’t something I was looking to purchase.

Overall, more detail and an updated Pinterest board could have saved this box – I’ll definitely remember that for next time and cross my fingers for a good box!  Want to try Stitchfix yourself?  Follow THIS link to schedule your first box now!!



Patton Photography

Outfit Details:


Jacket (similar)

Distressed Shirt

Necklaces (here and here)


Booties (similar)

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