Bar Cart Reveal!

We’re off to another week and getting into it, I’m changing things up and giving you a glimpse into the bar cart I’ve been working on for the last several months.  Yes, months. I’ve wanted a bar cart since we moved into our home over a year ago and when I first started looking at what I wanted, I discovered it was going to be harder styling than I imagined. You all know my husband is very handy and a builder of many things so naturally I asked him to build me one.

First I had to pick an overall style…Traditional? Trendy? Functional? A combo? I originally wanted a more industrial cart, with galvanized steel piping and had envisioned more delicate touches on the bart cart itself. When my husband and I got down to budgeting and planning, we started finding that building one was going to be much more expensive than originally thought and since I’m a girl on a budget, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate. Are you picking up why it’s taken me so long to get this thing going? TOO. MANY. CHOICES.

Fast forward a couple months when my husband actually found this “kitchen cart” at Lowes and it was on sale. Score! I liked it right away because it still had that instudstrial-type feel and thought it would go perfectly in our dining room. We got it home and put together and it was not exactly what we thought. Looked a little too traditional and the stain was darker than I wanted.

I decided that while I didn’t love the actual cart, there were some things I could do right away to start making it my own. To start off, we changed its position in our dining room and I had my husband remove the end handles on both sides. Because I’m not wild about the stain, I found a large tray from TJ Maxx for the top to serve as a liquor tray and it simultaneously started creating interest without the whole thing looking too crowded. As you can see, there is a stark contrast between the lighter stain of the tray and the red-hues the bar cart stain gives off. Next was was stocking up what it’s made for- THE BOOZE! Going into this, my husbands only request was that the bar cart hold most, if not all, of the liquor we’ve acquired so I needed to find a way to display them all and the tray was perfect. It also created a barrier between the liquor and all the accoutrements.

From there, it’s all finishing and styling touches. I wanted the bar cart to be a statement piece in my house but actually serve as a place that you could walk up to and make yourself a drink so I added little Coca-Cola cans, pineapple juice, some tonic water, vermouth, and bitters. 

I’ve said this before but the most important thing about styling a bar cart is not overcrowding it. One way I was able to get everything on the cart that I wanted, without it looking like a busy mess, was by creating dimension and levels so that the eye isn’t drawn to just one, flat area. I love plants and greenery so the perfect addition were some fake plants and funny enough, a centerpiece from wedding reception- who says you can’t reuse that stuff?!

Working my way down I added snifter beer glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and copper mugs. I’m more of a stemless wine glass girl so I didn’t utilize all of the hanging space and opted to just lay those on the cart. The final and most important layer is the wine, and obviously that’s a work in progress but instead of just hoarding bottle after bottle of sweet reds, I’ve been collecting different varieties. Afterall, a good host has something for everyone 🙂

I’ve been having a lot of fun designing my bar cart but it’s not done yet and I’m not sure if it ever will be. It could turn into something that is revolving styling door so stay tuned 😉 

Thanks for stopping by this week! If you have any ideas for what my bar cart needs, let me know! Robin and I had so much fun celebrating Halloween a little early this past weekend and the recovery wasn’t as brutal as originally anticipated. Hallelujah!

xoxo… Holly

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