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If you’ve paid close attention to our blog, you’ve noticed some growth….in my HAIR that is! Now I have wanted extension forever, and even though I typically have long hair I’ve always wanted some extra thickness.  I’ve looked at a few different brands over the years, but when I heard that Amber Fillerup (of the Barefoot Blonde Blog) was releasing her own line – I immediately knew I needed to pull the trigger. Like a million others, I have followed Amber’s journey over the last five plus years and fallen in love with her hair tutorials and she ALWAYS uses extensions so I feel like I could trust her product.

I typically change my hair color up once a year so I was struggling at first to decide which color to choose – my current hair color, or one that I wanted to try out soon?  I decided on keeping with my current hair color and purchased the shade “Melt My Heart“.  Holy crap. This shade is an ombre dark to light blonde and it could not match my current hair more perfectly.  It’s absolutely identical!  How did I get so lucky!?

Aside from the shade, I am really pleased with the actual hair texture and how it blends into my current style.  I’ve seen some brands of extensions that are pretty and super shiny, but the majority of people’s natural hair texture is not at all that shiny and blending becomes an issue.  I didn’t find that to be the case with these, the shine and texture again – matched perfectly.

Some details of what you get for $194.99:

Length: 21″

Each set contains 10 wefts (160 grams):

1 x 8″ weft (4 clips)
1 x 7″ weft (4 clips)
2 x 6″ wefts (3 clips)
2 x 4″ wefts (2 clips)
4 x 1.5″ wefts (1 clips)

The clips are surprisingly easy to clip into your natural hair and I actually find myself not needing to use all the wefts as the larger ones give me enough volume for my liking.  Bottom line, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and can’t wait to start using these extension in unique and fun ways (like lots of braids, twists, etc)!  What would you guys like to see?










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Outfit Details:


Shirt (Also available in store at Minash!)






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