Being Basic

Today I’m going to get real with you all and talk about all things “basic”- Wearing basics and buying basics.

The expression “being basic” has taken off over the last several years and developed into a kind of negative and joke-worthy idea of what some women wear. But here’s the truth- we ALL have a tendency to be basic. College co-ed’s wearing North Face Jackets and Ugg Boots while drinking PSL’s is the epitome of being “basic” but closet basics are more than that. To me, it’s about what’s easy and what’s comfortable and frankly, what a lot of what women wear day-to-day. So why are we making fun of what we all do? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a busy person and on days where I don’t have the time to outfit plan or don’t feel like it or really just need to run to Target, basics are what I gravitate toward. Because I’m wearing basics one to two times a week, I tend to spend a little more on them. Robin has touched on this before (see post here) and I agree that when buying pieces you want to last longer, spend more. It makes sense, right? You wear something over and over and want it to last through the wash, errand running, dinner spills, and your kid’s messes. Trends come and go but your trusty distressed jeans and softened-to-perfection t-shirt cannot be replaced.

Today I’m wearing a typical Saturday errand-running #basic outfit. This is an easy look to throw on while still looking put together. AND, each item stands the proverbial test of time. From one of my first posts, you guys know I love a good sneaker. These Black on Black Nike Roshe 2’s go with everything, especially on days when I’m feeling extra basic and wearing black yoga pants. They are incredibly comfy and I’ve found that Nike sneakers wash up nicely on the gentle cycle. Take the laces out, use a gentle detergent on a low spin and they do just fine. Although, the black on black sneaks hide a lot of dirt so…#winning, right? Now, Z-Supply Pocket Tee’s are a MUST HAVE. If you’re basic or not, spend a little more and buy these t-shirts. Minash usually carries one or two varieties of Z-Supply and Robin and I pop in almost every time a new shipment comes in.  Some of you might think I’m nuts for spending over $35 for a T-SHIRT but they are crazy comfortable, have a looser fit, and don’t shrink in the wash. I don’t dry a lot of my clothing but Z-Supply, you can without turning them into tiny tees. Z-Supply tee’s are also great for layering as well as on their own. Under my t-shirts, sometimes, I’ll throw on a Seams Lovely Bralette and then on chillier mornings, a Nike zip-up. I’m getting pretty basic, aren’t I?! I’m obsessed with my Patagonia Trucker Hat and will throw it on whether I’m hiding 4 day hair or not.

I hope you all enjoy my “basic” look today and let me know what basic trends you wear and standby!

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Outfit Deets:


Pocket Tee

Bralette (where you can find them)







Thanks so much for stopping by, much love!

xoxo, Holly

2 thoughts on “Being Basic

  1. I love basics!!!! They are so easy to dress up or just throw on to be casual. I’m going to try one of these tees! Also, black on black Nikes are the best for sure!

    My go-to leggings are Zella. They are amazing!

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