Cold Weather Staple: The Fur Vest

I’m going to come out and say I believe any girl who is interested in fashion should really have a fur vest in their wardrobe. This has been a trend for the last year + and I think it’s here to stay and will transition into seasons to come.  The thing about a fur vest though, you gotta know how to wear it.  That’s where I come in! Below are five of my rules when dressing in a fur vest:

  1. Keep all other clothing pieces very sleek and form fitting.  The fur vest in itself will typically be overall big and bulky, so pairing it with anything other than tight or form fitting clothes will make you appear larger than you really are.  Just be aware of your proportions when putting an outfit together.  This is exactly why I’ve paired mine with my skin (almost too) tight Spanx Faux Leather Leggings (seriously, should’ve sized up in these) and a long sleeve tee.
  2. Let the vest be the center of attention.  Since this is a pretty demanding piece on it’s own, don’t pair too many patterns or crazy accessories along with it.  Doing so can draw the eye to too many places and ruin the chic vibe you’re wanting to give immediately.  As you can see, all my other clothing is all black as well as the necklace to make the vest the obvious focal point.  The leopard print clutch is okay because, leopard is a neutral as Holly pointed out here.
  3. Only one furry piece per outfit.  Don’t get too matchy matchy and think it would be a good idea to pair your fur lined boots with the outfit.  It just won’t look good and you’ll appear as if you’re trying way too hard.  One furry item per look is plenty.
  4. Add a belt. If you’re feeling a little too boxy or heavy, throw on a skinny belt over your vest to instantly create a more feminine shape and accentuate your curves.
  5. Layer, Layer, Layer. The fur vest is GREAT at taking an outfit that is just okay to the next level.  If you have a sweater and jeans on and are feeling kinda blah, throw on your neutral colored fur vest and you instantly look super chic and like you know what you’re doing.  Vests also look great over dresses too, so don’t be afraid to throw one on before you head out the door.

Fun fact: Holly and I have the exact same fur vest!  I actually purchased mine two years ago at Target when I was completing my deer Halloween costume, and Holly got hers shortly before or after me.  Here is one way she has styled it and I think it looks great!







Patton Photography

Outfit Details:


Fur Vest (similar)

LS Black Tee (similar)



Leather Leggings


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