In case anyone missed us, we are alive. Robin and I have talked before about the little…slumps, if you will, that we sometimes get in when we don’t post as much and it is usually caused by classic LAZINESS. Doing this blog is a creative outlet for us that we have fun with but like anything else, sometimes we just kind of fall off.  BUT, we are back 🙂

I’m not sure if it is technically summer yet but we have not skipped a beat thinking it is. We’ve taken advantage of the beautiful weather the last two weekends and been lake day-ing it up! Robin and her husband scored this 10-person Unicorn Float and let me tell you- it’s a game changer. We have been hooking it up to a kayak with one of the husbands charging the way and we are cruising around the lake. If you have been catching us on stories, I’m sure you caught a glimpse.

Getting into today’s look, I wanted to show you another, somewhat work appropriate outfit that has a spring-summer vibe while also giving you a fuller coverage. If you remember last year when I talked about my personal preference when it comes to covering my tattoos at work, this is another example of how I do that while still able to dress for the season. I wore this look to work on a casual Friday recently and loved it. The top is really breezy, has the cutest floral pattern, perfect for spring, and it covers my arms just enough to hide the little something-something tattooed on me. I think a lot of work places do a casual Fridays or something like it and in the summer, sometimes it’s really cold in the office even though its 90 degrees outside…so how in the heck do you dress yourself for that? I don’t always want to carry around a cardigan so a top that has long sleeves is an obvious choice but sometimes long sleeves just give you winter vibes. I’m constantly on the hunt for 3/4 to long sleeves that are summery and fun because even though you’re in an office, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like it’s perpetual winter. One tip, that may not even need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway… if you have casual Fridays, a good rule of thumb is to stay away from ripped/distressed denim at work. It might be casual but I think the distressing may be a little too casual and can sometimes come off as sloppy. Save the rips for the weekend! What is your go-to look for casual work wear? Would love to hear about it! Patton Photography

Outfit Deets:

Top (found in-store at Minash, I think a few sizes left!

Jeans (crazy on sale- $22!)

Booties (found in-store at Minash! Great dupes for Jeffery Campbells‘)

Clutch (style is old, here is same brand & super cute!)


Sunglasses (mine are customized to “pink gradient” option)

Bangles (here, here, here)

Lip Color



Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo, Holly


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