Dressing for the weather vs. Dressing for the season

Happy Hump Day! Woop Woop! Robin and I, our husbands, and some friends are headed to Pittsburgh for Labor Day weekend and we couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been to Pittsburgh several times and that skyline when coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnel still gives me goosebumps.

So fall has pretty much exploded all over department stores and social media, right? Butttttt it’s still 85 degrees outside. Are you all as conflicted as I am? This time of year is always tricky because you’re wanting to enjoy the rest of summer and good weather yet ready to bust out the hoodies for the backyard bonfires. Nights are just now starting to cool off and you almost need a light jacket by the end of the day. We’re definitely right on the cusp of it. The first official day of fall isn’t until September 22nd but I don’t think anyone lives and dies by that in terms of what to wear but how do you start transitioning? Here’s some tips I stand by…

Start adding in warmer colors… Like today’s look, the dark, forrest green adds a warmer vibe to my look while still being summery. Maxi dresses are typically worn in warmer months because they’re easy to thrown on and aren’t clingy, keeping you cooler. As we go into fall, don’t be afraid to wear those maxi dresses but perhaps throw on a denim jacket around your waist.  And if you’re one to gravitate toward brighter colors, try picking up a more muted tone instead when you’re out pursuing the sales this time of year.

Open toes to closed toes… This time of year is perfect to swap your birks out for slides or booties. It’s warm out so you want to wear tanks and skinnies still but instead of just grabbing your sandals, dust off your favorite taupe booties and go. It’ll immediately give a fall look without making you sweat to death.

Accessorize… Statement necklaces and more textured bags can take your summer look right into fall. When it’s warm out, we don’t always want to layer on all of our favorite jewels because it’s just one more thing to weigh us down but as we go into cooler months, add in a leather bag or take a lightweight scarf with you. You might not end up needing the scarf but at least you had it and if you do end up throwing it on, it’ll add texture and warmth.

Of course, all of these are just suggestions and if you wanna rock your full on summer looks until the first snowflake falls, you go for it. It’s all about comfortability. I tend to gravitate towards dressing for the weather but I’ve found it’s fun to start adding in up-coming seasonal tid-bits into my looks. A lot of brands and stores run sales before the seasons change and it’s a good time to check upcoming trends. That can also be said for end-of-season items and it’s a great time to stock up on faves!

We’d love to hear other tricks you have in terms of dressing during this transition time! Be sure you’re following us on Instagram because Robin and I will be taking you along on our weekend fun 🙂

Patton Photography


Sorry for the redness- I had quite the impressive sunburn right before this shoot! #fail

Outfit deets:

Dress via Minash (sold out, but can find similar here & here)

Shoes (still over 20% off and lots of sizes left!)



Purse— obsessed!

Necklaces (here, here & similar here)


Lip Color

Thanks for stopping by! Sending love…Holly

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