Eyelash Extensions – Everything You Need to Know!

Hey guys! What a week! I was hit with some sort of extreme sickness for the last week and a half and am just now starting to feel like somewhat of a human. WHEW. It’s so funny when you’re sick (and I’m not sick often, AT ALL) you truly forget what it feels like to be healthy.

But regardless, back to regularly scheduled programming. Today I’m bringing you an amazing collaboration with Blondie’s Salon & Spa! I’ve been going to Blondie’s since it was simply a spray tanning business and I’ve really loved watching the business grow into the full service Salon & Spa it is today. The owner, Lindsey, is an absolute sweetheart and she has developed the best team to provide services to our community. I’ve gotten an array of services from Blondie’s, from Spray Tans to brow waxes, massages and facials, but what I’m showcasing today has got to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS! I’ve had my eye on this service for quite some time, but just never have taken the plunge. I can sometimes lean towards being a tightwad when it comes to treating myself, and I just hadn’t been able to justify this purchase. Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Initial application: $160 – $215
  • Fill at two weeks: $50 – $60
  • Fill at three weeks: $60 – $80
  • Fill at four weeks: $70 – $80

My natural eyelashes are very thin and actually grow outwards and have absolutely no curl whatsoever. Prior to the extensions, I would have a very lengthy process each morning when trying to get my lashes to look acceptable. I would first start with a tubing mascara, I’ve been loyal to L’Oréal Beauty tubes for years now. For me, a tubing mascara was the only way I could get some added length to my lashes and create a better base for other products. Tubing mascara is a twostep process – starting out with a white primer, then adding the tubes on with a second coat of mascara. Once that step was complete, I would follow with a lengthening & curling mascara, my favorite being THIS. I would THEN add a volumizing mascara as my third and final product. Exhausted yet? It’s a long process and you know what? It doesn’t even give me a good result in the end because my natural lashes are just so thin, short, and straight.

During my first appointment, Lindsey made the same observations about my lashes (thin, short, straight) and asked what I was looking for in extensions – on a scale of natural to dramatic. I wanted to land somewhere in the middle of that range; I wanted to make a noticeable change to the appearance of my lashes, but didn’t want something so dramatic that it looked completely unnatural. She advised that was for the best, as she didn’t think my natural lashes were prominent enough to withstand the weight of that much drama.  Guys – CHECK OUT THESE BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!

What to expect during the 1st appointment:

  • Carve out two hours in your schedule for the initial application. This includes time for consultation and the entire application.
  • Your eyes will be shut the entire time, so plan to either nap, carry on a conversation with your lash technician, or just relax in silence. Blondie’s has the most comfortable beds and bedding in their rooms, so you won’t have a problem relaxing!
  • You will have fabric taped to both under your eye and on your lid – I am a very anxious person when it comes to not having control of body parts and movements, so I was a little worried that this would affect me, but honestly I barely even noticed they were there. It really just felt like I was taking a nap.
  • Physical application was very painless and not uncomfortable at all. I could feel Lindsey lightly applying the individual lashes, but again, it produced no feelings of discomfort.


Care & Maintenance

  • Don’t splash water directly on your eyelashes – I think this was the hardest thing for me. I love a good eye rub / scrub in the shower and this is very discouraged with extensions as it can make your lashes fall out immediately, or shorten the duration the stay on the lash line. Lindsey recommended washing my face BEFORE I get into the shower, so I’m not tempted to scrub!
  • Don’t use conventional eye makeup remover. Blondie’s has a great one available for purchase – an all-natural makeup remover – if you plan on wearing a lot of eye makeup.  I haven’t felt the need to wear any makeup other than lower lash mascara, so I haven’t used this yet!
  • I purchased THIS pack of disposable eyelash brushes and make sure to brush my lashes every chance I get.  If you don’t brush them, they have the potential to twist around each other or start shooting in different directions – we don’t want that!

Expected Wear

  • I had my first fill two weeks after the initial application.  During these two weeks I noticed a few lashes fall out, but definitely nothing drastic – and definitely still looked like I just had them done.  I included a picture below of my lashes right before I got them filled at the two week point.  
  • If I hadn’t gotten them filled at two weeks, they would have continued to fall out slowly and it would have been pricier to get them filled, and taken longer at the appointment.
  • If I didn’t intend to get them filled AT ALL, I could expect the lashes to have all fallen out by about a month and a half.
  • …additionally, some people say they have a hard time NOT picking at their lashes.  I am a picker by nature and I haven’t had any desire yet to do this.

Final Thoughts:  Obsessed.  I didn’t realize how long I was spending on my eyes every morning, so my get ready time has been reduced by ten minutes!  I especially love waking up on the weekends and feeling like I could run to the store and look put together (not that it stops me if I don’t)….

If you guys are local to Columbus or the surrounding area – I definitely, absolutely recommend heading to Blondie’s and getting your own set of extensions.  You won’t regret it!  And if you’re not from Columbus, definitely do your research to find the most reputable technician in your area.

Thank you SO MUCH to Blondie’s for collaborating with me on today’s post!


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