Faux Leather Leggings by Spanx

If you guys read Holly’s post on Tuesday – you’d know one of her favorite purchases this year was her Others Follow white thermal (if not, read it HERE). I thought it would be fitting to do the same and let you guys in on what MY favorite purchase has been as of late.

I’ve raved about these black Spanx Leather Leggings many times before, and styled them in a few different ways (see here, here, here and here), but today I’m showing you how I’ve been wearing them a lot recently – and that is in a more comfortable fashion! Like most women out there, I love wearing leggings, and especially high waist pairs. However, sometimes a pair of leggings just looks plain and uninteresting. Cue the leather leggings! Pairing these with your everyday casual tops and shoes really amp up the edge factor immediately.

Now let’s talk about the fit of these. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. Don’t be scared of what they look like when you pull them out of their packaging. They look sized for a Barbie doll, absolutely. But they have some sort of magical material that once you start pulling (or tugging, in my case sometimes) them on they form perfectly to your body like they were measured to exactly the size you are. One of my favorite parts is the huge waistband – along with the rest of the pants, it MAJORLY sucks you in and who would complain about that? I got my normal size large and I really can’t rave enough about the fit.

One thing that made me stall in buying these was the price. At a regular price of $98, I couldn’t take the plunge for a while. There are some things I don’t mind splurging on, but my original thought was, “I’m NOT spending $100 on leggings”. When the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale hit last fall, these went on major sale – 40% off. That’s when the stars aligned and I hit ADD TO CART. So my advice to you – if you aren’t willing to spend $100 on leggings, wait until they go on sale because they oftentimes do!

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