Getting to know APM- Holly’s 2nd Edition

Happy Humpday! Changing things up today and bringing you a little more personal post. Seeing how it was my wedding anniversary yesterday, thought I might share my “love story” with you all. Lucky for you, it’s pretty short- HA.

Don’t we all wish for some grand meet-cute love story to shock and awe our friends and family? Maybe not? Well, I’ll say there is something romantic in the notion of that coming true. My parents have been married for damn near 40 years and met on a BLIND DATE. Are those even a thing anymore?  I feel like in generations to come, our young ones aren’t going to even understand the phrase “blind date”. With social media stalkers extraordinaire, going on a first date without knowing anything about the other person is pretty much impossible these days. I think of myself as lucky that I didn’t meet my husband, Aaron on the internet. I give my sister-in-law some grief about the online dating she dabbles in and in her words, “there’s only so many times I can go to Kroger”. I guess people don’t meet their spouses the “organic way” anymore.

Anyway, back to my love story… here it is….are you ready…..

My best friend, Tori, introduced us. She and Aaron worked together at the time.

Profound, huh?

It’s not glamorous and only takes about 10 seconds to explain but thats my love story and I wear it proudly. The first time Aaron and I went out, I made fun of him the entire night because he was, literally, wearing man capri pants. I could not get over it. Capri pants were barely a movement in women’s fashion at that time so him wearing them was, to say the least, amusing. After about two weeks of dating, I pretty much moved myself into his apartment and forced him to give me a house key and a shelf on the closet. After I graduated from college, we moved to Indianapolis together for a year and then bought our first home in Columbus a year after that. From there, we’ve gotten new jobs, four dogs, bought two houses, seen the birth of our first niece, and traveled the world. It’s a great thing sharing your life with someone else and as someone who HATES to be alone (in all respects), I picked a keeper because he doesn’t mind that I’m a bit clingy.

One funny tidbit about Aaron and I meeting is that shorty after we met, I drove down to Columbus from Ball State one weekend to visit family. The weekend I chose also happened to be one my brother was in town and we decided to go out and meet up with some of his friends for the night. Those friends happened to be Robin and her husband, Patrick. The details of that night are a bit foggy to me (oops!) but Robin tells me that I talked to her, mind you a stranger at this point, about how I was “dating this new guy” trying to keep a secret from my brother. Good grief, girls are weird.

Patton Photography 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and let us know if you like this kind of content or if you prefer to keep it more about style- we want your feedback!

Sending love… Holly

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