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Happy Tuesday! Robin and I had a shoot with Patton Photography over the weekend and as per usual, we had a blast. Lynda is seriously the best and makes shooting so fun and while she thinks Robin and I are ridiculous, she doesn’t judge us too harshly. He he….

I’m going to jump right into today’s look which was an unexpected one for me. About a month ago, Robin and I took a Friday off for some Christmas shopping because #whynot and I wore this outfit. Wearing a cape can be tricky because it’s hard to fit a jacket over it due to the shape and you don’t want to wear it if it’s not chilly enough or you’ll be sweating to death. This is the only “true cape” I own because they can be tricky to style and the weather has to be juuuuuust right since you’re basically wearing a coat all day. Drama, right? Well, when we went Christmas shopping it was a nicer day so I decided to dig it out of the closet. I paired it with my favorite Dottie Couture Leatherette Leggings, a basic white and black turtleneck, and my leopard booties (cuz, duh, I love them). I threw on my hat and was ready to go. Super comfy and the whole look came together pretty seamlessly and I didn’t spend all morning putting it together. We get to Indy and, I kid you not, every store we went into, people were approaching me about my outfit. I mean, who doesn’t love compliments?! My ego was expanding by the minute. Seriously though, it really caught me off guard because I did not expect it when I put the outfit together. You know how you put some outfits together that you’re super pumped about and no one notices? The worst, right? This was not one of those days. I did not expect people to gush over it so when Robin and I left Keystone Mall that day, we both knew I had to blog about it. The people had spoken, right? It’s funny what people find appealing.

Anyway, aside from the cape, my outfit consisted of wardrobe staples and things I wear regularly during colder months. Pairing the cape elevated the look and was very easy to put together. I’ll definitely be wearing this look again- it was clearly a hit! 😉

Patton Photography

Outfit Deets:




Booties (similar)

Bag (sold out, very similar here)



Earrings (sold out, I have these and they’d look great with this look!)

Lip Color

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo…Holly


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