Guys, I’m sore.

I feel like I’m laughing at my future self in this picture.  Monday, I was convinced to try a new class at our work gym (which is named TRex, thought the world needed to know that) called Cardio Flex.  Well it was thirty minutes of absolute torture.  I woke up the next day feeling pretty sore, but manageable.  I went ahead and went to my usual Tuesday yoga class.  It felt good to stretch!  Then comes what I like to call, “Wicked Wednesday”.  Cannot move.  Everything is a chore.  I let everyone know about it too.

EVERYONE, I WORKED OUT – THE WORLD MUST KNOW!  However, I didn’t put it on Facebook.  If it’s not on Facebook did it really happen?  I think not.  There’s always next week, and I could even throw in a check-in for extra validation!

I regularly do cardio (spinning & running) but weights and resistance training have been a huge void in my exercise routine for quite some time.  That being said, I will go back next week for more abuse!  Gabe – I’m coming for you!

This outfit is coming straight to you from Shein.  Now I love this site – it has super trendy clothing at a shockingly good price.  If you remember from an earlier post, I ALWAYS buy trend pieces at the lower priced retailers.  It just doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on something you won’t wear season after season. Shein is the perfect place for this reason.  But you have to be willing to wait.  Their shipping is less than desirable – about three weeks is what you can expect.  So tip #1 is to allow plenty of time for delivery.  Tip #2 is READ THE MEASUREMENTS!  Every shirt is made differently and I always look at the measurements to make sure they will fit.  Now I’ve purchased my regular size in everything so far, but I always check because who has time to return something!

I absolutely love the vibe of this outfit.  I think it sums up my style pretty well – the top and hat give off the boho feel that I gravitate towards, while the distressed jeans give it a little bit of an edge.  I felt extremely comfortable while wearing this and will definitely pull it out of the closet again!

Thanks for listening to my workout stories – I’m sure there will be plenty to come!

Photos by Patton Photo

Outfit Details

Shirt (I got a large and could have definitely sized down)

Distressed Jeans

Booties (Similar)

Hat (Similar)

Purse (Similar)

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