I Dyed My Hair Pink

Guys. I feel like I’ve been on a weeklong bender. Flashbacks to 2002, amiright (jk, jk). But for real – last Friday and Saturday were fully dedicated to the CAP Adult Prom Fundraiser (where we raised $71,000 for Child Abuse Prevention!!!), Sunday I flew to New Orleans – then got back Thursday morning at 1:30AM. Mama needs some SLEEP! BUUUUUUT in typical Robin fashion, sleep will not be coming soon. Holly and I are guests at a Senior picture shopping event at Elise Boutique Friday night, then Saturday we have another shoot with the fabulous Lynda of Patton Photo!
Enough about my current sleep sitch – let’s talk about this outfit! Few things going on here that I’d like to highlight. Notice the pink hair? That’s temporary tint from Kristin Ess for Target and it’s super fun! I bought it on a random Target trip when it launched earlier this year and finally got the nerve to try it out for this shoot. I think it turned out great, but I am definitely pleased it was temporary. Now, for someone who washes her hair about every 5 days – temporary in this case is about two weeks. Yep, it took about three shampoos to really fade out.

Second thing. This thermal. Thermal has been a recurring trend here on APM this winter and I don’t think we’ll see that stopping any time soon. This orange thermal specifically is from Free People – one of my favorite brands, although I don’t have many of their items. They’re a little pricier than I like to spend, but I got this one when it was on major sale so – winning!! I love a lot of things about this style. First, the length. It’s long enough to cover your bum but it has movement to it which gives you shape without swallowing you. Secondly, these thumb holes! Seriously, what about a thumb hole just really amps up a shirt? I’m into it. Third, the color! I’m loving this burnt orange color for Spring. I’ve noticed the last couple things I’ve purchased have been in this color family and it’s been a subconscious choice.

Lastly – these boots! I was perusing the Nordstrom site about a month ago on the search for some cute combat boots after I found inspiration from an account I follow on Instagram (really wish I could remember who it was!). I instantly fell in love with the details on these. Especially the red laces and the straps. I think they will be a great wardrobe addition for the next few seasons! I KNOW I can find unique ways to style up these boots this year!

Thanks for reading and listening to me whine about my lack of sleep…Have a great weekend!!

Patton Photography

Outfit Details:






Black Denim

Moto Boots

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