Living with Landyn – All the Things Recap!

I don’t have to tell you guys what we did over the past weekend as we’ve inundated you with our Living with Landyn obsession, but just let me tell you – WE. HAD. A. BLAST.  Like, we knew it was going to be fun but had no idea just how much.

We got in pretty late Friday night, threw our stuff down at our friends house and headed to dinner at this cuuuuuuute little restaurant called Caffe Nonna.  It was a super quaint Italian restaurant where we had some wine and fueled up for the big day ahead.  Oh, and Holly nearly choked on some bread.

Saturday we woke up bright and early to ensure we had a spot close to the front of the line. We arrived thirty minutes early and secured our spot near the front!  Eight o’clock on the dot the doors opened and it was TIME!

Venue:  Marathon Music Works

Event:  Living with Landyn LIVE

Time:  8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Price:  General Admission – $179, VIP – $279


8:00 – 9:30:  Breakfast, sponsored by Juice Bar

  • We noshed on scones, acai bowls and muffins while we were able to shop the vendors on site, grab our seats and sip on some coffee.
  • We hit up the gobonanza photo booth while no one really knew it was available and avoided the long lines that formed later.

9:30 – 9:45:  Welcome

  • Landyn is finally here!!  She came out in a super cute tutumoi skirt and her “ALL THE THINGS” tank and looked adorable as always.
  • She gave a brief overview of her path to creating the live show and got right down to business

9:45 – 10:45:  Heath + Fitness with Shed Fitness

  • We were greeted by two trainers from Shed Fitness, the gym that Landyn works out at – at they were buff!  They gave an overview of their training style and what can be expected from their workouts.
  • They brought up two people from the audience and they participated in a spin/burpee challenge.  The two girls that participated were savage!  They were both determined to win and really killed it onstage.

11:00 – 11:45:  Cooking

  • Landyn features a ton of cooking and recipes on her blog so she recreated an easy, kid friendly recipe for us onstage.
  • She pulled a girl onstage to be her assistant and they made some yummy looking pizza kabobs.  Definitely going to recreate these at home!

11:45 – 12:00:  Denim Fashion Show with FashionAble

  • Landyn has been featuring Fashionable on her instastories a lot lately so it was awesome to see them in person.  The executives of the company came onstage with racks of their clothing to showcase their different style offerings.
  • Three ladies were picked from the audience and given a complete outfit makeover.  They looked so good and they made sure to pick items that were out of their comfort zone.

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch

  • Lunch was a buddha bowl from whole foods – think lots of kale and other veggies piled into a bowl with some quinoa.  Landyn was making the conscious effort to appeal to all dietary requirements, so she stuck with the most natural food groups so no special requests were needed.
  • While we were eating, Landyn came up behind us and gave us a hug and we were so caught off guard we just froze star struck!  Had we missed our opportunity to chat and get a picture?!?!
  • Landyn was making her way through the crowd and a meet and greet line started to form.  We thought that we better get ourselves into that line so we could meet her when we were prepared and grab a pic!  We waited in the line for about 20 minutes and her “people” came to grab her and make sure she ate.  She said she’d be back and since we were literally the first people in line, we stood and waited.  For 45 minutes.  We didn’t want to miss our chance AGAIN so we waited and missed the mini pies and cupcakes that were served!  She wasn’t able to come back out as she was doing an outfit change and freshening up her makeup.  We were kicking ourselves!

1:00 – 2:00:  Style Ambush with VICI and Fashionable

  • Landyn has worn and shared her Vici clothes for the past year and converted all her followers to the brand as a result, so we were all excited that they were going to be at the event.
  • Vici brought up two large rolling racks of their clothes to the stage and immediately started asking for audience volunteers.  Each person came onstage and were styled by Landyn and the two Vici Instagram models.  They took one main piece as the focal point and pulled other items for them to pair together.  Holly and I tried to get our butts on that stage, but we didn’t get that lucky.

2:00 – 3:00: Makeup and Hair

  • Landyn frequents Parlour 3 in Nashville for her hair and makeup and also plugs them every chance she gets.  She sees Oxana for her gorgeous blonde and owner Melissa for her brows and makeup.  She brought both of them onstage and allowed them to give two audience members makeovers.  They looked great!

3:00 – 3:15:  Living Proof Demonstration

  • Living Proof is Landyn’s ride or die dry shampoo so it was a no brainer that they would be there!
  • Three ladies from the brand came onstage and conducted some science experiments showing how the brand actually works for your hair instead of masking the problems.
  • They also pulled up two ladies from the audience and used dry shampoo on one and their dry volume blast on the other.

3:30 – 4:30: Interiors with Mrs. Paranjape

  • Hands down, our favorite part of the day was listening to this woman.  I think by this time we were all kind of tired and antsy and she really livened the crowd.
  • Landyn and her had essentially bought the entire Home Goods inventory and brought it into a room and showed the crowd how they would style it.  They gave tons of great tips, the most important one being “GET RID OF THE CABIN PILLOWS”.  No one needs to look to a pillow to know they’re already in a cabin.

4:30 – 5:30:  Relationship + Q&A

  • Landyn has talked a lot about how she treats her husband and things she does to ensure he’s happy and taken are of – she reiterated these points to the audience and also fielded any questions we might have.
  • She also has a weekly blog feature called, “Hey Landyn, I have a question” and she took some of these questions as well – a great way for the audience to interact and see a laid back side of her.

5:30 – 6:30:  Cocktail Hour

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!  We love cocktails and had three to choose from:  Rose, Tequila soda, and hard soda.  We chose……ROSE!  And we chose it a lot.  We were drinking on an empty stomach (the kale salad had since left our bodies) so needless to say, we got a little more tipsy than anticipated!
  • The meet and greet line was forming again so we made sure and stood in it early to ensure our spot.  We waited for about thirty minutes until FINALLY!  We got to meet her, chat for a bit, and get our picture taken.  She’s every bit as flawless and personable as she is in her social media and that was so refreshing!
  • After we left Landyn we chatted up her mom and sister for a while, who were super welcoming and a pleasure to socialize with, and met up with some new friends we had been chatting with on Instagram prior to the event.  We also go to talk to Mrs. Paranjape and she is HILARIOUS!  I wish she was our real life friend, but we’ll settle for Insta-buddies.

All in all – GREAT DAY!  I wish we could relive it over and over, it was that good.  It’s so great when you look forward to something for so long and it not only meets, but exceeds your expectations!



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