Marbled End Table DIY

We’re in recovery mode over here at A Perfect Mesh today after a great fundraising event we attended last night!  Every once in a while it’s nice to get all fancied up and enjoy a night out with friends, and we definitely did just that.  The event we attended last night is a fundraiser benefitting Family Service and their Child Abuse Prevention Program.  I love all the ladies that work at Family Service and am happy to support everything they do!

Today we are showing you an unexpected DIY project in which we makeover the top of a mirrored end table.  I saw a listing on Facebook marketplace for one end table and thought that would be perfect in our daughter’s room.  I committed to purchasing the table, but when I got there was told there was actually a second table with a cracked top that I could have for free.  Free?  Heck yes.  I took it, having absolutely no idea what I would do with it – but worse case scenario I could just toss it.  When I brought it home, Patrick immediately said we could break up some marble tile and adhere it to the top and it would be good as new.  Below is a picture of the table, showcasing the many cracks in the mirrored top.

We headed to Lowe’s to pick up some tile. I picked up two pieces of tile for this project – one white with gray marbling, and one dusty rose also with gray marbling.  I knew this color combination would be great with the existing decor in the room.

We got home and immediately got started.  Materials needed:

Two pieces of tile (we choose this and this)


Hot Glue gun

Towel, or something to break up the tile into

Unsanded Grout

Placed the tile into the towel and cover it up completely.  Using the hammer, break up the tile into the sizes and shapes you desire.  Our preference was to have both larger and smaller pieces, so as we broke up the tile we would take pieces out as desired.  Continue this until you have the desired amount of pieces per tile.  We used about half of each piece of tile, so we had a lot leftover if we wanted to do the second table as well.

Once you have your pieces broken, begin arranging them on the table in a pattern you like.  We laid the larger pieces down first, equally mixing both colors into the pattern.  Once the larger pieces were placed we then began filling in with smaller ones.  We did end up with some odd spaces that needed filled, so if that happens to you – just keep breaking the tile until you have what you need.

Now that you have your pattern laid out, you can begin to glue them down onto the table.  We used a glue gun for this process.  However, some other adhesive may have worked better because once you glue the piece down to the table it WILL.  NOT.  BUDGE.

After the pieces have been glued down in your desired pattern, the next step will be to apply grout to fill in the holes and give the piece the polished look.  There are a ton of different grout colors to choose from, we picked this silver grout to coordinate with our pink and white color scheme.

In order to keep the sides looking straight and very clean, we taped cardboard around all four edges prior to applying the grout. This allows for the grout to fill in the holes with a clean edge and also keeps unwanted grout off the sides of the piece.

Holly posted a tutorial for her kitchen backsplash last week, with an in-depth description of how to properly apply and seal grout.  Follow her tutorial for this grout process!

Here is the finished product, staged in our daughter’s room – we all love the way it turned out and will likely be doing the same process to our second piece!

We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY – let us know in the comments below if you’ve done something similar or have a piece you’d like to create!  We’d love to hear from you.

XOXO – Robin

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