Happy Tuesday & Happy First Day of Spring! If you’re from Indiana, you know the state didn’t get the memo that today is the first day of Spring because my deck is, literally, a sheet of ice. *Sigh* oh well, we just wait!

Today’s post is coming at you in the midst of March Madness– a time of year where we have to remind ourselves that we love our friends and family, that this will all be over soon, and that our blood pressure will resume to a normal level. Over the last 7 years, I’ve become a Michigan fan. Because I went there? No. Because I’ve grown up watching Michigan sports? No. I married a Michigan fan and apparently “what’s mine is yours” also applies to sports teams so here I am. Go Big Blue? Oh, I also now hate Ohio State. I think it’s a law or something.

The look I’ve styled today is one that takes team fandom wear and puts a cute spin on it. I typically don’t mind wearing sports gear because, duh, I’ll take any excuse to buy new clothes but actually styling sports wear is a little bit of a challenge. Yes, you can just throw on some jeans and sneaks and call it a day and I, too, do that but sometimes I want a little variety. This Game Day Couture pull-over has a cozy sweatshirt feel but the cowl neck and zipper detail gives this U of M apparel a little something extra. On days I’m watching sports with the hubby, I like to be comfy so I typically stay away from a lot of accessories and instead, pair the outfit with a fun pair of shoes and a bright lip to spruce up my look. I styled my Michigan sweatshirt with my Ann Taylor raw-hemmed jeans and grey slides but this sweatshirt would also pair well with Moto leggings (like these!), a jean jacket, and street sneaks. Because the sweatshirt doesn’t have a bold pattern, it’s easy to play around with and buying is something I recommend when it comes to sports wear. This stuff isn’t cheap, right? So keep that in mind when purchasing and opt for sports gear that can be worn several ways. You wanna get your monies worth!

Obviously after reading today’s post, you are a Michigan fan now but other than them, who are you rooting for??

Patton Photography

Outfit Deets:

Sweatshirt (U of M currently sold out, other teams available)




Lip Color

Thanks for stopping by & GO MICHIGAN, BEAT A & M!

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