My Warby Parker Experience

By now, most people have likely heard of the eyewear brand, Warby Parker.  I first heard of them via a blogger a few years ago when they ran an #ad for them, and instantly thought – WOW, That’s a great idea!  While I am not a regular contact or glasses wearer, I DO have glasses I use at the Movie Theatre / driving / etc.  So I logged the brand in the back of my mind for the next time I’d need a new pair.  Well – that time has come!  I was so excited when the new year at work rolled around and I put extra FSA money in my account to cover some new glasses.

The premise behind Warby Parker is that, #1 Glasses aren’t SUPER expensive like they are at your local eye doctor.  And #2 You get to pick five frames to try on at home before you make the official commitment to purchase. Yes and Yes!  They also are very philanthropic and work with a handful of partners worldwide to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.  Amazing, right?

The first thing you do when you start the process is take a short quiz to determine your ideal frame.  That doesn’t mean you HAVE to choose these frames, it just gives you a base on which to start.  Once you finish the quiz, you’re given five matched frames based on your answers.  I suggest you don’t go with the matched frames and continue to browse the selection on your own.  I knew I wanted a darker frame so I immediately nixed anything that was lighter.  I also knew I wanted more of a round shape, so while I was cognizant that these were specific wants – I still tried to get some diversity in my options, specifically with coloring.  I chose five frames:  The Tansley (Jet Black), The Haskell (Tortoise), The Watts (Sugar Maple), The Mona (Tortoise), and The Eugene (Rosewood).

While I had a party at my house, I tried on all the frames for my friends.  It was interesting because the boys all chose one specific frame, while the girls chose a different.  There were two clear front runners:  The Watts (from the boys), and the Mona (from the girls).  I of course, went with my girls and chose The Mona!  Guys, I’m obsessed and every time I wear them I get loads of compliments.  These were a little pricier than the basic model offered, but at $145 I couldn’t complain at all!  And I found out after the fact that I can actually claim them on my insurance, so WINNING!!!

In the market for new glasses?  I’d highly recommend using Warby Parker to source your next pair.  Great company, great mission, can’t lose!


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