Happy Humpday!

I struggled with what I was going to write about today because the outfit I styled wasn’t a favorite. The boho top is SO cute but what do you know, I snagged the wrong size when I went into Minash. Typically, I would have just gone back to exchange for a different size but I grabbed it the day before our shoot and didn’t have time to go back. Because the top is flowy-er by nature and a tad oversized, I thought it wasn’t salvageable for this shoot because I didn’t want it to look like a parachute. After I pouted for a while, I decided, “ya know what, I can make this work”.

So…what to do if you buy something too big & can’t return??

Tuck or belt it! These are very quick ways to automatically add shape to your look. I try not to use hot washing & drying as a way to shrink something because I worry about the integrity of the fabric & the item losing shape but hey, if it has worked for you, you do you!

Layer! I feel like layering is a great option for just about any style predicament and it also works here! If you pair a tighter fitting jacket, sweater, or vest with an oversized top then your look automatically looks sleeker and no-one will know you accidentally picked up the wrong size!

Stay away from anything else baggy. This might seem like a no-brainer but if you are wearing a top that’s too big, probably best practice to stay away from your baggiest pair of jeans and clunky shoes. Try pairing your loose fitting item with distressed skinnies or leggings. Chances are, your top will be long enough to cover your bum if you’re wearing leggings and you’ve solved another problem!

Hope these tips helped any of you who have been in this situation. The obvious answer to this problem is just to return or exchange the ill-fitting item but hey, sometimes you can’t and gotta know what to do so the piece isn’t a waste!

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