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With Spring on the horizon, there are some of us (*ahem* me) who are getting a bit of cabin fever. I’m antsy to start doing more activities outside or at least having the option of leaving my house without 16 layers on. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in a place that offers me a variety of seasons but each year, around this time, I’m ready for the winter weather to be over. If history is any indication, I’ll be waiting a while but planning now what I want to do is always a good place to start. Maybe you feel the same? Maybe you have no clue how to kick off the warmer weather this year? I GOT YOU! I’m going to share with you five of my favorite pre-warm weather activities in hopes it 1. let’s the universe know we’re ready for a change and 2. Allows you rediscover the city you live in. It’s easy to be complacent about where you live and I know I definitely take Columbus for granted. Even I need this refresher! 

Lets get started!

  1. Update your family photos. Now is a great time to dust off the old family picture and get a fresh one up. If you live in the mid-west, you know this time of year can be a surprise with some one-off warmer weekends, which would be a great time for a outdoor family shoot. You’re also in that sliver of the year where the wedding season hasn’t kicked off and photographers might be more readily available. It also doesn’t hurt that you skip the hot sun of the summer and not be miserable while having your photo taken. We highly recommend Patton Photography– Lynda is top notch, she’ll travel to you, and is SO patient with families.
  2. Bike ride/explore Bike Shares. This is one I love! You know that Robin and I are obsessed with SKY Sport Fitness Indoor Cycling but when the weather gets warmer, nothing beats a ride in the fresh air. My parents live on the other side of town from me so it’s nice to ride over there, have a cold beer, and then ride home. Columbus now has a bike share program downtown, ColumBIKE, which looks really fun, especially if don’t own a bike but want to get out and explore.
  3. Hike it out or find a People Trail. This is also a favorite of mine. Columbus has an amazing People Trail throughout the city with many entrances and it’s great to walk, run, or bike on. In fact, the look I shot for you today is located on a portion of the People Trail. I know it seems like a simple thing to do- go out and walk, but seriously, just getting out of the house during this time of year does wonders on your mental health. My husband and I also like to go over to Brown County State Park and hike. As long as it’s not, literally, freezing outside, bundle up and hit the trails. It’s great exercise and gets you out of the house more than just running errands.
  4. Staycation! This is a great one if you have kids. How cool was it, as a kid, to go to a hotel that had an indoor pool? Even better this time of year when it’s not warm enough to swim outside. Take the family and stay somewhere close. It’s budget-friendly while allowing to slightly splurge, make a mess that you don’t have to clean up, and just ENJOY each other. If you’re local or close to Columbus, Hotel Indigo has a great indoor pool, beautiful rooms, and a restaurant & bar on-site. Hotel Indigo is also adjacent to the People Trail and two blocks away from an indoor playground at The Commons.
  5. Shop season close-outs. OK, so this one is something I love, no matter what the season, but it’s so important! This time of year, stores are clearing out their winter stuff because they want to shove spring and summer clothes down your throat at full price, making fall and winter ones a STEAL! If you have children, now’s a great time to buy clothes in anticipation for their size next year. Even if you don’t have kids, stock up on winter basics like long sleeved t-shirts, jeans, and boots because brands want you buying sandals and tank tops so the winter apparel is pretty much given away.

I hope this guide helps even if it was only a little bit. Winter can feel like it drags on but if you have a plan on what to tackle in the upcoming weeks or months, I think it makes it a little more bearable! Is this list missing anything? Let me know!

My outfit today is a great one to transition to spring/summer. Lose the denim jacket and throw on some sandals and BOOM, ready for 80 degrees and sunny. The dress is still available at Minash Boutique and is highly recommended- very flattering on any body type! 

Patton Photography

Outfit Deets:


Denim Jacket


Sunglasses (similar)


Initial Necklace– currently on sale!

Lip Color

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo… Holly

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