The Results Are In- Our 100 Day MONAT Trial

Well everyone, Robin and I have completed our 100 day trial of using Monat products and thought we’d share some final thoughts. Since starting on this Monat journey, we’ve noticed some people come out sharing their own reactions since making the switch and Robin and I want you all to be aware that the opinions we share with you are our own with our own personal experiences. Everyone’s body and hair is different and we are in no way experts so if you have specific hair questions/concerns, definitely seek out your hairstylist and/or dermatologist.

If you’ve been reading along for the past almost 4 months, you know that Robin and I have basically been using Monat solely for washing & styling. Robin and I have some similar hair frustrations- thin, lacking volume but we also have differences- Robin’s hair is stick straight & mine is frizzy & breaks easily. Since using Monat, we’ve consistently been noticing our blow outs last longer, our hair is fuller, and our coloring looks fresh after each wash. Robin and I recently freshened up our looks but before we did, our coloring looked brighter and new despite not having it done in several months. The Monat products helped bring out that just-got-your-hair-did shine that we were lacking before. One product that I’ve recently been incorporating into my weekly wash routine is the Monat Replenish Masque and I’ve been LOVING it. With my issue of split ends and breakage, this mask has further helped them become less noticeable plus my hair is super soft afterward. With any hair mask, it does add some time to your routine but I’ve only been doing it once a week so overall, not too much extra time!

I’ve, personally, never dove completely into a hair care line before so only using Mont for the last 100 day has been an adjustment in itself but overall, I’m extremely happy I have. My hair feels healthier and fuller and this was one of those product lines that I had to actually use to believe the results. I’m totally bought into the hype and believe that for my hair, these products work. A big thank-you to Allison Deckard for sponsoring Robin and I over the last several months and if any of you are interested in trying Monat for yourself definitely reach out to our girl!  Patton Photography

Thanks for stopping by & if you have any recommendations on products we should try next- let us know!

Xoxo… Holly

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