Spring, can you hear me? Are you there?

Happy Humpday! With the gloomy skies for the past, what feels like, 30 days, I thought I’d bring you a fresh spring look today. Over the weekend, Robin and I shot some new looks down in Evansville, IN, closer to where our photog, Lynda, lives. We had a blast scouting locations and exploring different areas of the city and, in fact, went beyond Evansville. This look was actually shot in Newburgh, IN which we were told is the “Carmel of Southern Indiana”. If you’re from Indiana, you know that Carmel, IN has a…lets call it…certain reputation for all things classy and up-and-coming and the city is very particular about the way it looks. Newburgh had a similar vibe with a rustic little coffee shop, local boutique, and wedding venue with a $10,000 price tag. I was able to steal away a couple shots at said wedding venue for a steal- $0. Tee hee…

We were fortunate to have nice weather while we shot and while quite windy, the sun was shining and the temps were warmer. Ain’t nobody got time for sopping wet APM girls trying to pose for pictures #hellobloopers

The look today is one that I absolutely LOVE and plan on replicating all throughout the upcoming months. I picked up the “latte” toned slit-sleeved kimono at Boutique Elise a few weeks ago and it’s *seriously* adorable. I love the flutter sleeves and embroidery detail which sets it apart from other, draped, kimonos. I’ve talked about embroidered pieces before (see post here) and it’s not a trend I saw myself getting into but here I am, bought in. This kimono is great for spring with the big floral pattern but I can also see myself wearing it into the fall and layering with it because it has a cooler, more earth tone hue to it, perfect for transitioning. I also wanted to point out my hat….cute right? Literally, I got it at a furniture store. My husband and I were in one a couple months ago and this particular furniture store *ahem, in Carmel, IN* sold random boutique clothing as well as yoga mats/apparel. Random, right? Anyway, I liked the hat so I got it but can’t tell you where it’s actually from and the tag on the inside isn’t much help. I’ll be sure to link a similar one in my outfit details but had to share the quirky little story about how I acquired mine.

That’s about all for today but wanted to give a shout out to Boutique Elise for sponsoring this post! What trends are you loving for the spring? Robin and I pretty much love them all….except for maybe the overalls…just can’t quite get on that train yet… 😉

Patton Photography

Outfit details


Peplum Top (similar)


Booties (found at Minash Boutique)

Hat (similar)

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo…Holly

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