How to Style a Crazy Sweater

Hey guys!  Things have been super crazy in my life for the past few weeks – I feel like I’m always saying that, but this time it’s next level crazy.  I can’t remember the last day I had of free time… For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I are “star” dancers in a local fundraiser called Dancing with the Stars…Columbus Style.  For more information about that fundraiser and the link to vote for us, please check out the website linked HERE!  The event is this Friday and Saturday, so I’m looking forward to performing and also to living a less crazy life after it’s over!

So busy = quick, short post!  Getting right into the deets here, I’m obsessed with this outfit.  As impractical as a large, puffy and oversized sweater can be – as soon as I put this entire look on, I felt like I was on fiiiiiiiire.  I nicknamed myself “The Birdman” and our photog’s fiancé played a soundtrack for me while I danced in the middle of 4th street.  This sweater is currently available at our fave, Minash Boutique and can be found in stores now!!!

Initially, when I was planning this outfit I paired a maroon basic tee underneath.  I quickly realized that even though the sweater was “loud” it needed something a little more extra to complement the crazy textures.  Right away I knew the perfect graphic tee.  Holly and I were talking as we were getting dressed and both agreed that graphic tee’s really take an outfit to an unexpected next level when done right.  You probably remember this specific tee from THIS post I did a few months back, and I think it worked perfectly there as well.  And duh, I had to wear my all-time favorite leggings here – the Spanx leather leggings have been a great wardrobe addition this year and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon.  I highly suggest you make the investment and purchase these!

So that’s all I have for today, as you’re reading this I’m running off to Dress Rehearsals….wish me luck!!




Patton Photography

Outfit Details:

Sweater (similar)

Graphic Tee (similar)

Leather Leggings

Boots (similar, and WANT)

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