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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Holly here!

I’ve thought a lot about how to talk to you about tattoos *gasp, tattoos??* and how that may impact your dress in the workplace. Tattoos can be a polarzing topic and if you ask my parents, they’re an unnecessary waste of money and the untainted skin you were given. Having tattoos is also still highly stigmatized and there is some belief that by having tattoos you’re a criminal, uneducated, and unworthy and/or under-qualified for professional jobs. These are the unfortunate realities of choosing to permanently alter your skin and should be taken into consideration when thinking about getting any. If you’re new to the blog and you’re still trying to remember who’s who, you probably differentiate Robin and I by “the blonde or the brunette” or “the one with tattoos or the one without”. Robin’s alabaster skin has never felt the prickly touch of a tattoo needle while mine is the never ending canvas for my friend and artist, David Newman-Stump. Tattoos or no tattoos, it’s a very personal choice and should be taken seriously. As someone who had a couple of unfortunate tattoo experiences in my younger years, I can tell you some can have unintended consequences.

So how does this all play in the fashion world? Well, that’s totally up to you! I’ve never let my tattoos impact my personal style and depending on what I’m wearing, the tattoos can pair up or amplify my outfit. There are a lot of fashion bloggers that have similar looks and that is the last thing Robin and I want. We are our own individual people with our own styles and my tattoos are just part of my style. Again, it’s very personal. Tattoo’s when you’re going to work, though? Let’s talk about that. Sometimes that’s easy…sometimes your tattoos are easily hidden and you never have to worry about it. The more tattoos you have and the more visible they become, the harder it can be if you want to hide them. For me, I always cover up my tattoos when I go to work and that is 100% personal preference. Tattoos, again, can be seen as a distraction or inappropriate (for a myriad of reasons) so eliminating that potential hassle all together is just easier. Plus, my tattoos are for me, not really for anyone else. What has become somewhat of an accepted challenge for me is finding workplace attire that is either 3/4 or long sleeved year-round. Robin has talked about shopping your closet (see post here) and that absolutely applies! It’s not impossible to find or rediscover clothes if you’re hesitant on getting more tattoos in more visible places. You just have to make it a priority. There are also some work places that could care less about how you modify your body and that should be a conversation you have if you’re thinking about getting tattoos or a new job. The look I’ve styled today is one I would typically wear to my office. It’s the dead of summer here in Indiana so wearing long sleeves can feel like you’re melting so this flare sleeve blouse is perfect. It’s super flowy, not heavy at all, and the bell-like sleeve covers up my tattoos but isn’t just a boring ‘ol long sleeved shirt. Paired with olive chinos and wedges, this whole look is super summery and appropriate for the workplace. You’d never know what I’m hiding under there! 😉

I chose to have tattoos and therefore, I choose how I cover or don’t cover them. I never compromise my personal style for the sake of covering my tattoos, I simply work around or with them. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find if you’re looking hard enough.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s post and would love feedback on if this is something you, too, have struggled with! If not, what difficulties do you encounter when shopping for workplace appropriate attire? Have a great rest of the week & I hope it’s a fast one!


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