The Dress Has Risen

Hey everyone! Holly here! Changing things up a little bit today and bringing you, essentially, a before and after of a dress that I used to absolutely HATE. I think you guys might remember it. If not, allow me to refresh your memory. Last summer, I wrote about this dress (see post here) and how disappointed I was with the outcome and how it photographed (despite Lynda’s best efforts). It just wasn’t working. After the shoot was over and I realized the issue wasn’t that deep, I decided that I would be open to re-styling the dress. A couple months ago, I was standing in my closet looking at other things and was inspired, just like that, out of nowhere. I thought to myself, “ya know what, this might work”.

How I changed it up:

To start with, I swapped what season I thought the dress belonged in and styled it for the late winter/early spring. Before, I think I just saw the big floral print and assumed SUMMER without a consideration for anything else. I also took more time to think about accessories this time around. I thought this dress lacked shape and appeal on its own, something I wasn’t anticipating the first time so this time, I added my favorite pink Moto jacket to give the dress some shape and the jacket also complimented the girly florals with a little edgy appeal. I toned down the brightness of the dress with my favorite wool hat and perforated slides. Now, where would I wear this? Now that I’ve taken the time to put this thing back together, where am I wearing it? Duh, date night! Or a girls night! Basically, now that I don’t hate the dress, my desire to wear it has increased drastically.

It turned out being really fun to style the dress a second time and when shooting the look, I also felt more confident and had more fun. It all goes back to confidence. If you hate what you’re wearing, it’ll be obvious and you’ll be uncomfortable. I rushed styling this dress before but hey, they can’t all be winners and I glad I gave myself a redemption round. I’d love to hear if there are things in your closet that you hate and if so, are you open to giving them another chance?? Let’s talk about it! 

Patton Photography

Outfit Deets:


Jacket (similar)

Shoes (similar)




Thanks for stopping by & following on this drama-filled journey! Xoxo

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