What to Wear on a Rainy Fall Day

Heyyyyy guys!  I don’t know about where you are – but here in Indiana we’ve been experiencing quite a bit of rain this week.  Like, the kind of rain where you look at your weather app and you see 100% chance of rain until further notice.  Curious about how to remain cute and presentable regardless of the weather?  I’m here to help!

  1.  Braid your hair.  Rain inevitably makes your hair frizzy – regardless if you were blessed with a perfect mane.  Popping in an easy braid is a great way to maintain the frizz and look put together.  We’re not saying you have to do some crazy fishtail braid, just a simple three strand will do!
  2. Wear a hat.  Make sure your braid is low and loose so you don’t stretch out your hat or have issues actually getting it to fit (been there).  Throwing on a hat will do two things, keep the rain off your roots and block the rain from getting on your face.  I, for one, HATE rain hitting my face.  Whether I have makeup on or not – plz no.  There are so many cute hats out there – I chose my alma mater, Indiana University – but search for zip code or airport code hats and you’ll find a TON!
  3. Wear pants that are tight at the ankle.  NOTHING is worse than getting the bottoms of your pants wet, and that’s inevitable when you have on flared or boot cut pants.
  4. Layers.  One thing you don’t want is to find yourself with a shirt rain soaked and matted to your skin.  Or worse – be caught wearing a white shirt that ends up being see through! No wet t-shirt contests here, please!  Layers, especially denim jackets, will protect the clothes closest to your body and help you avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Hope you guys have managed to stay dry this weekend!  I know I had to buy a new umbrella, I grabbed this one from the Target check out line!

Outfit Details:


Jean Jacket

Varsity Tee (similar)


Bracelets (here and here)



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